Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Perennial Seeds

Time to do some seeding.

     For a lot of my specialty perennials, I try a lot of the seeds from Garden's North.  Garden's North is a seed company based now in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.  They are a mail order company with an online cataloge that just inspires you.  Some of my best plants have originated form there. 

     I have great Alliums, two fantastic Hostas from a package of seed that I now sell under my own name, Primulas that are just great and my interest in winter hardy Cactus was encouraged by the availability of seed and pads a few years back. 

     I planted a half a dozen types that should germinate in a few weeks.  These are considered easy, Cortusa (small primula like), a white primula, Asclepias (a type of milkweed), Sisyrinchium (yellow eye grass) and Limonium (statise or sea lavender).  If your eye site is great, then in the top picture you would have seen Helleborus.  Gardens North was good enough to give it its cold period, so I am hoping to see some germination in the next few weeds.

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