Monday, March 21, 2011

Boston Flower Show 2011

My husband Andrew has a travel bug.  As soon as he gets back from one trip, he is planing the next one.  He is very considerate and really tries to include myself and our daughter in where to go and what to see.

I guess this was my trip.  He has been wanting to go back to Boston since we were there 2 years ago.  It worked out this year that the Boston Flower show, and Canada Blooms where during the same week and Gillian's March break.

The show was wonderful.  The best time to go to any of these shows is in the evening.  Less people.  We went in the afternoon (Wednesday) and it was just jammed.  Went back in the evening and could take these great pictures.

I couldn't bring any plants home (sniff, sniff), I crossed my fingers that there would be good stuff at Canada Blooms.  There was a booth there with great Sempervivums, Sedums and Echeverias.  Gill really wanted an Air Plant (Tillandsia), many booths selling those.  Lots of garden gadgets, $40-$60 hand creams ("oh a jar will last a year, you use just a drop"), garden furniture, garden art, jewelry, food (candy, dips, hot sauce etc). Orchids everywhere.

The flower displays were great.  The theme of the show was 'Celebrating the Container Garden'  This was my favourite.    This display was by Peter R. Sadeck, Inc (Massachusetts).  They used stumps and rocks as natural containers. "My design resembles what naturally occurs in the wilderness"  They nailed it.  It looked like you were walking through the forest.

Pictures tell a thousand words

This little Screech Owl was adorable.  Yes he is real and was sitting on one of the trees in the display.  He came in on his own, whether on the plant material or through an open door.  They did have someone hovering around to make sure no one bothered him.  I was told they were quite common in this area.

I wanted this bench.  Sigh...  It was a little too big to sneak on the plane.  I have a picture of Andrew checking out the base to see how it was constructed.  He would not appreciated me posting that one.

The show as great, but honestly, when we arrived at Canada Blooms on Saturday, it was even better.  More later.

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