Sunday, April 6, 2014

I am sick and tired of winter.
Yes Winter.
 How can you say it is spring, when I still have a foot of snow in some places in the yard.
I know tomorrow is supposed to go to 10 C.
We will see. 

Yes I am being very cynically, but gardening sales season is coming up way to fast, and what will I have to offer.
This is the latest I have ever removed the coverings from the over wintering plants. two nights ago we removed the brush but the plastic was still frozen down
Even this morning the plastic was cemented to the ground. And to top that off, a squirrel made her home in under.  We will be picking out spruce seedlings all summer.


Andrew was determined to get every piece of brush on the buggy. Didn't happen.

At least there are signs of spring, Hellebore in bud but not bloom, maybe in a few weeks??

Nepeta, Catmint, leafed out under last years stems.

Sedum, Red Carpet, survived quite nicely.


Monarda, Beebalm, smells so good.
The Sempervivums, Hens and Chicks, as well as others, came out of the unheated greenhouse last week and onto the trailer so I could push (with help) them in and out of the garage.  The had advanced enough that below freezing temperatures would harm them at this point but I wanted them to slow down a bit.

Erythronium, Dog Tooth Violet, Pagoda, is a cultivated version of our native Trout Lily.  They came up quickly in the greenhouse and are almost in bloom. The cooler outside temperatures are helping to slow them down.
The nicest place to be these days? The Greenhouse


Everything is moving along nicely, the tomatoes and peppers have just started to germinate.  It seems too early by the weather, yet I feel it is too late by the calender.

I can hope.
And maybe try not to be too cynical.