Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Projects and Renovations

Two projects on the go.
Neither is finished and one was started last fall. 
Talk about procrastination.

The daylily and grass bed was expanded on either side last fall.

The daylilies have become too crowded and the grasses have not been shown off to their best.  Also in the mean time, I have a few more of each that need a good home.

I did not get them spaced this spring before things became so dry.  I'll have to wait till late summer or early fall to move them when soil moisture and cooler nights pervail.  I'll probably divide some of the grasses as I go, considering I sold out of most of the grasses I had.  Only have a few Var. Miscanthus, Pennisetum Moudry and a Karl Forester Reed Grass left. 

The other project was the Woolly Thyme walk into the Nursery.  The weeds (Dandelions, Plantain, Irish moss) have been persistant, and I did not have that trouble with the Creeping Thyme pathway.  Why would anyone grow and buy Irish Moss??  I am sure it has its place, but not in my Thyme.

As I started to excavate, I realized that there was a good inch or two of soil on the flag stone.  I can only guess that insects and earth worms have brought up the soil.  No wonder the weeds were taking hold.  I thought I would just remove each stone, scrape away the soil and replace the stone as I went up the bed.  That was going to take too long.

OK, out with everything, all the stones where placed in the parking lot and the old soil and weeds removed.

 The Woolly Thyme grew so well that it has gone over the stone to the right and up a large rock into the cactus and semp bed.  At this time, I will leave it and use it to re plant the path.

 I realigned the cobble stones and narrowed up the bed, the two Hosta needed to be spaced out a bit more on the left  (will move them this fall),  the pathway isn't used a lot so shrinking it, didn't hurt it.

I don't know if it is the right way or not but we just laid down a layer of sand and repositioned the stone on top.  Thyme will grow in anything.

And it is good to have help.

We brushed more sand in between the cracks and allowed it to settle a bit.  It slightly washed in the previous rain storm last week and this afternoon it completely washed down.  Sigh,  I guess that means sweeping it back up. It's either drought or deluge.  As of 5:30 pm there was 2" in the rain gauge.


It looked good 2 days ago and it will again..  I'll update pictures when it gets planted and as it grows.

Next Project??  Stay tuned.

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