Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Bit of Everything


Why is it the grass grows into the beds at such a remarkable speed??

Nothing like a nice crisp edge to make it look finished.

And of course a husband who likes to have things nice and tidy and doesn't mind doing it.


Oh, those pesky weeds who hide under the skirts of the primula.

Clematis recta, one bloom open, hundreds to go.  This plant needs staking.  I say that every year and do I get it staked??  No.  Then it flops over on the other plants.

Nothing like a pure white Iris.

Or maybe a pure yellow paeony (Yellow Crown).  Absolutely love it!

Oh and the picture frame is coming along really nice.  No, it is not for sale, I am going to enjoy this one.  I do have another frame I am going to do at some point and I need to get some more wreaths started.  Maybe later.

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