Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twigs and Bows

My wreath making is almost done. Just a few more orders to go out but nothing like last Tuesday. 

Last Tuesday was our 4-H  meeting (Christmas Party) and wreath/centrepiece pick up.  We host it here at the house as I do the wreaths for the annual fundraiser for the club. We have hot chocolate and juice, gingerbread cookie decoration, a bond fire, and games.  What a beautiful night.  The first night when we had this, three years ago, it must have been 10 below with 30 km winds.  We were lucky this year with only light rain (barely any as it did hold off).

We make 3 sizes of wreaths, 17". 20" and 23"


And Centrepieces

We make the centrepieces at in the church basement in Old Barns with some of the local community members and 4-H members.  With the centrepieces, the proceeds are split with the Christmas Index Program and the 4-H group.

And after all that, Gill and some of her friends got together and make a bunch of the centrepieces to raise money for the Central Colchester Junior High breakfast program.  

It's amazing what you can do with a few twigs and a bow.

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