Friday, October 7, 2011

Lichen the Caboose

     I really like moss and lichen, even though there are no flowers, the textures are amazing.  We were out in the woods over in Masstown at  MacElmons Pond a week ago and I wish I would have brought my camera because I seen so many types of  moss.  Maybe this winter I'll research some various types that grow in NS after all, I think they are nature's perfect ground cover for the shade. 

     I always said that all plants have their place.  And I still stick to that belief.  We were out in Alberta last year and went up to Mt. Edith Cavell.  The rocks there had the most amazing lichens on them.  The colours were wonderful.  I took pictures because I though I would do a collage of just lichen on rock.  But I just have not had time.

     Lichen and mosses belong on trees, rocks or in the woods, not on the garden art.  Anybody who has been to our nursery knows we have a rather large piece of garden art.  Ok, so I collect plants, I admit it, Andrew collects Trains ( and anything related to them, hence the rather large and orange piece of garden art.  Oh and yes, the tractor and lawn mower are also orange.  I guess orange and green go together.

      It is a good week to give the caboose a good cleaning since it has been humid and raining for most of it.  Andrew started on Monday evening and it was surprising how little effort it took to get it off, just a little elbow grease with the car brush and a push broom (worked great).  The power sprayer cleaned it off after that.  My job was to just stand there and raise and lower the bucket on the tractor so he could scrub.  I can handle that.

      The caboose stands just across a drive way from the nursery, beside the woods, some of the maples actually over hang which does cause him some concern especially when the wind blows.   Anything that is concerning comes down. 

      There, at least one side is nice and clean, since it is starting to get dark, we will finish it in the next few days.  For having such a thing in the yard, I don't find it looks out of place.  The most common question is how did you get it here and "why?".  A few people don't say anything at all.  So either they have been here before, have heard about it or simple just don't care.  They are probably just too interested in the plants.

I am posting this on Friday.  The sun is shining although Mother Nature is giving us a good taste of what winter will be.  From what I hear, summer is back on the weekend.  Oh well, it is Nova Scotia.

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