Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bogged Down by Rain, ...Literally

Rain, Rain, go away, come again another day

      We must be out of our minds.  Another garden project, when I am busy trying to get everything plotted and laid out for sale.  Andrew wanted to remove the rail bed, trolley flat car that occupied the centre of the above picture.  The ties were starting to rot and he felt we should have something new in the garden.  And if he is willing to do the construction part, why not.

     That bed was always the lowest part of the garden and held the plants that required more moisture anyway, but I was wishing for a true bog garden.  The Iris, Ligularia, Marsh Marigolds, Jack in the Pulpit and a few other moisture loving plants hung out in this area and did OK.  But I also had a Picture Plant and some Skunk Cabbage that were struggling in another area.   So out everything went, and in goes the big equipment.  Boys and their toys.

I think there will be a bit of lawn repair to do with a trip to the sod farm.

     We started the construction on Saturday morning.  Nice day, really, not too wet.  Dug down about 1.5' and laid down a heavy sheet of plastic.  Andrew poked some holes in the plastic for some drainage and we back filled with soil, peat moss and some sand.  I think it needs a bit more peat moss.  This picture above was taken Sunday morning after it had rained some over night.  I am a bit worried that we may have poked too many holes and it won't hold enough water.

     Never fear and don't wish too loud.  This may be a very long and drawn out project if it doesn't stop raining.  We now have a pool at the back of the bog.  And yes the bog is a bit boggy.  I still think I will add more peat moss when I can get in. The rest of the garden is soggy.  Awful, who can garden in this.  I have actually liked the weather lately because it is very good for potting (outside), non of the plants are wilting. But enough is enough.  At least it is showing signs that the weather may be good for the first day of the Truro Farmers Market.  More later as the bog progresses.

Fritilaria meleagris
Snakes Head Lily

Not really an attractive name although it describes it perfectly. 

     These are wonderful spring bulbs, growing 10 - 12", having 1 - 3 downward facing cup shaped flowers.  The flowers have a snake skin pattern  and comes in purple and sometimes white. They bloom just after the crocus and with the daffodils. Very easily grown  and can usually be purchased where you buy fall bulbs.   Last year I potted a few up in 4" pots and they came through the winter wonderfully.  People were asking for them for years.  Now I have a few for sale.  I must pot some more this fall.

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  1. I started some of these from the seeds of a friends flowers. They bloomed on the third spring.