Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Construction

There is always something that needs fixed in the garden.  Andrew built me these rock walls to display my plants for sale probably 13 years ago.  He said he did not want to see wooden benches.  And I really like the natural feel it gives to the garden.  Anyway, the walls are holding up well, but they do tend to sag once in a while.  This part needed rebuilt.

While he was removing stones he found two small salamanders which I removed to a new location down the wall.  Thank goodness it wasn't snakes.  Never have seen one in the nursery area even with the rock walls.  Nothing against snakes, they have their benefits, but if they started to come around, the wall would go.

I talked about putting another small wall on the other side of the walkway, just to give it a more finished look.  Have been talking about doing it for years.  It only took 3/4 of an hour to do.

And it makes it look so much better. 
After Andrew finish this wall, he took on another project. 
 More on that later.

The Hellebours are blooming.
This one is called White Spotted Lady
Hellebours are sometimes called the Christmas Rose although they are not in the rose family at all.  They are an evergreen plant (leaves stay green throughout the winter) with the flower buds peeking through the ground as soon as the snow leaves in early April.  The current plant's leaves do not emerge until the plant is just past its peak bloom.

The flower has  5 petals that may be streaked with coloured veins or blotches.  Some varieties have double the amount of petals.  The flowers tend to fade a bit as they mature and set seed, but retain their form for many months.  It is very common to find many seedlings at the base of the plant the following season after it has bloomed.  It can take a few years for the plant to become established and put on a good show.

Primula elatior Oxlip

This proves you can always learn something new.  For years I have been calling this primula Oxslip.  In looking up some facts for primula's, I was surprised to find there is no 's' in it.  I have been miss pronouncing it for years.  These lovely little spring time blooming perennials prefer a moist woodland soil with spring sun.  They are one of the first primulas to bloom.  You can find primulas to bloom over 2 months.  Will write more about them later also.  Now I need to get back to the garden.

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